Randomize List


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How to Use the Randomize List tool

The Randomize List tool is easy to use and provides instant results. Follow these steps to shuffle any list of items with this tool:

  1. Type or paste your list of items into the Input Box
  2. Click the Randomize button to shuffle the list of items
  3. Click the Copy button to copy the shuffled list of items to your clipboard

Mastering this tool

  • Use the options - Customize the tool to suit your needs. You can choose to remove empty lines, remove duplicates, trim each line and choose your separator.
  • Make it fun - Use this tool to create fun games or activities. You can shuffle a list of words and use it for a game of charades or Pictionary.
  • Make decisions - Use this tool to make decisions. You can create a list of options and shuffle them to make a decision. Use the first item on the shuffled list as your winner.
  • Share your results - Share your results with your friends and colleagues. Click
    and share a link to this tool and optionally include your input and settings as well.
  • Contribute - We are always looking to improve. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please use the feedback button
    to let us know. We read every feedback and use it to improve this tool.

The Best List Randomizer

Our Randomize List tool is simple to use, yet still uniquely powerful.

  • Easy - Sometimes you just need a simple tool with no fuss. Our Randomize List Tool is just that.
  • Fast - Our Randomize List Tool is fast. Start now and instantly get it randomized. No waiting, just instant results.
  • Ad free - Our List Randomizer is free from ads. Many other tools are cluttered with ads, but not this one.


We are Lime Convert

Lime Convert was created after we found ourselves wanting something more out of the free conversion tools that we were using online. The tools were either too simple or too cluttered and convoluted. We wanted something that was highly functional and simple on the surface, yet customizable and powerful underneath. We wanted a tool that was extremely easy to use but still had all the features we needed and more.

Less Is More Expanded. Lime Convert is designed around these principles. We hope you ❤️ it.