Dice Roller

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How to Use the Dice Roller

The Dice Roller is an interactive tool that lets you roll virtual dice. You can use it for board games, role-playing games, or any other purpose. It’s easy to use and provides instant results.

  1. Add dice to roll by clicking on the + button.
  2. Roll all the dice by clicking on the Roll button.
  3. Click on a dice to edit it. You can customize the number of sides, color, speed, and more.
  4. Add more groups of dice to keep track of different players, types of rolls or just to keep score.
  5. You can customize each group of dice by clicking on each groups avatar name or the Edit button.

Find Inspiration for Your Games

Use the Dice Roller to add randomness to your games or creative projects. Whether you’re role-playing, designing a board game, or brainstorming, this tool can help you find inspiration.

Stuck on a game mechanic or need to determine outcomes? Roll a set of dice and see where the results take you!

Customizable and Fun Dice Rolling

Choose from different dice types (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) and adjust the number of dice to roll. You can also customize the color, speed, and other settings. The Dice Roller is designed to be fun and engaging.

Mastering This Tool

  • Set up your players - Add multiple groups of dice to keep track of different players or types of rolls. You can give each group/player a custom name, avatar and color to mimic that real tabletop game feel.
  • Set up your dice - Clone individual dice or entire groups to save time and effort. Randomize colors or choose them and other settings to keep things fresh.
  • Share Your Results - Share your rolls with friends and colleagues. Click
    to share a link and optionally include your results and settings.

The Best Dice Roller

Our Dice Roller is simple yet uniquely powerful.

  • Easy - Sometimes you just need a simple tool with no fuss. Our Dice Roller is just that. But for those times when you need more, it also has powerful features such as customizing dice and exploring new possibilities.
  • Fast - Our Dice Roller is fast. Start now and instantly get random dice rolls. No waiting, just instant results.
  • Ad free - Our Dice Roller is free from ads. Many other tools are cluttered with ads, but not this one.


We are Lime Convert

Lime Convert was created after we found ourselves wanting something more out of the free conversion tools that we were using online. The tools were either too simple or too cluttered and convoluted. We wanted something that was highly functional and simple on the surface, yet customizable and powerful underneath. We wanted a tool that was extremely easy to use but still had all the features we needed and more.

Less Is More Expanded. Lime Convert is designed around these principles. We hope you ❤️ it.