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Google SERP Preview Tool: For SEO Titles & Descriptions

Use our Google SERP preview tool to simulate your search results and optimize your meta title and description for great SEO results.

How to use this tool

  1. Enter your meta title, description, and URL in the input fields
  2. The preview will update automatically as you type or after you chose one of the other options
  3. You can choose between a desktop or mobile view and light or dark mode
  4. You can generate other results in the preview by typing in the Google search field and hitting enter

How to write a compelling Meta Title

Write for people, not search engines. Imagine yourself searching for what your page provides and ask yourself how to best communicate what it actually does. Let the searcher know exactly what problem they can solve by visiting your page. For example, How to write a compelling meta title is a good example of a meta title that tells the visitor what they can learn on the page.

Meta Title: Best Practices

  • Keep it short. We recommend a maximum of 60 characters.
  • Include your target keyword.
  • Make it relevant to the content on the page.
  • Make it unique.
  • Make it compelling.

Meta Title: Make it compelling

  • Use Active Voice Use active verbs to create a dynamic and engaging sentence. This makes the description feel more direct and energetic. Create a Sense of Urgency: Use phrases that provoke urgency or scarcity, like Limited offer or Act now. This can prompt users to click through to not miss out.
  • Highlight Benefits Instead of just describing what the page is about, emphasize the benefits the user will gain. For example, Discover how to save 20% on your next purchase.
  • Ask a Provocative Question Use a question that piques curiosity or addresses a need. For example, Want to know the secret to a perfect garden?.
  • Use Numbers and Lists Numbers often stand out in text and suggest a clear, easy-to-read breakdown of content on the page, like 5 Tips to Improve Your Photography.

How to write a usefull Meta Description

The meta description is a great place to include information about the page. Tell the potential visitor what the page contains, what the benefits are or perhaps what problem of theirs the page can solve. Include the really key bits from the page. For example, a product page meta description could have key bits of information — price, unique features, manufacturer right in the meta description.

Meta Description: Best Practices

  • Keep it concise. Aim for 155 characters maximum.
  • Include relevant keywords strategically.
  • Ensure it matches the content of the page.
  • Make each description unique across your site.
  • Include a specific call-to-action.

Meta Description: Make it useful

  • Focus on Value Highlight the main benefits or solutions provided by the page. For instance, a meta description for a digital camera might mention high resolution, durability, and special features.
  • Use Engaging Language Employ compelling language to entice users to click through. Phrases likeDiscover how, Learn more about, or Find out why can be very effective.
  • Include Key Information State the most important information upfront, such as price, exclusive offers, or a brief overview of what to expect on the page.
  • Address the Reader Directly Speak directly to the reader by using you to create a more personal connection.
  • Offer a Solution Clearly state how visiting the page will solve a problem or improve the reader&pos;s situation.


We are Lime Convert

Lime Convert was created after we found ourselves wanting something more out of the free conversion tools that we were using online. The tools were either too simple or too cluttered and convoluted. We wanted something that was highly functional and simple on the surface, yet customizable and powerful underneath. We wanted a tool that was extremely easy to use but still had all the features we needed and more.

Less Is More Expanded. Lime Convert is designed around these principles. We hope you ❤️ it.