Change Case

Simply enter your text and choose the case you want to convert it to.

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Welcome to Change Case

Change Case is a free online tool that allows you to easily convert text between different cases: lower case, upper case, sentence case, title case, alternating case, inverse case, and many more. You can also use it to convert text to camel case, snake case, kebab case, Pascal case, constant case, dot case, path case, header case, param case, and more.

Why use Change Case?

There are many reasons why you might want to convert text to different cases. For example, you might want to make text stand out by using all capital letters. Or you might want to convert a long string of words to a more readable format. Whatever your reason, Change Case makes it easy to convert text to any case you need.

How to use Change Case

Using Change Case is simple. Just enter the text you want to convert into the text box, and then choose the case you want to convert it to. You can then copy the converted text to your clipboard, or clear the text box to start over.


We are Lime Convert

Lime Convert was created after we found ourselves wanting something more out of the free conversion tools that we were using online. The tools were either too simple or too cluttered and convoluted. We wanted something that was highly functional and simple on the surface, yet customizable and powerful underneath. We wanted a tool that was extremely easy to use but still had all the features we needed and more.

Less Is More Expanded. Lime Convert is designed around these principles. We hope you ❤️ it.